About Me


My name is Charity and I am located in Green Bay, WI. I  started making chain maille jewelry in 2009 because I am a geek at heart and it was something that really interested me. My personal hobby expanded far beyond what I ever imagined, and in the very best way! I love to explore new ideas and specialize in doing custom pieces. In 2015 I began gold-smithing at a local jewelry store and I love adding that to my maille designs as well. Any of my pieces are customizable by color, length, metal, details, etc. Please feel free to contact me if there is something you see that you like and would like to know if it can be altered in some way.

I work in all metals, with a large part of my show stock being done in bright aluminum and anodized aluminum because of cost, and also the lightness and non-tarnishing qualities of the material. I like to bring in a lot of color with Swarovski crystals and other components. I am picky about what materials I use, and if I cannot tell you what it is made of or answer your allergy questions on a component, I won’t use it. All of my ear wires niobium for the same reason.

I prefer to create my own designs, or use basic chain maille weaves. I will occasionally use a published design if it’s something I really like, but you’ll see those notated here on the website or I’ll let you know when I’m telling you about a piece at a show. For anyone starting out in chain maille there are some great resources online and I encourage you to just start and see where it leads. I find the more time I spend creating, the more ideas I get and the more I love what I do! Check out my Gallery to see some of the unique pieces I have created over the last several years.