We’re Back! With a surprise!

All the business stuff is moved and finally somewhat organized – some in stacks of boxes but that still counts, right? I’m working frantically to catch up on the last of the orders. I have a bunch going out this weekend (weather permitting) and will be emailing the last few people with updates today, so if you’re waiting for anything expect to see an email from me!

And now for something completely new!

To jump start 2020 and getting back into the swing of things, I am opening up 5 custom order slots at 20% off! So if you’ve been waiting to place that big custom order now’s your chance. I’ve never run a sale on custom peices before, so take advantage while you can. The sale will run through January or until slots are full. Half down to place the order and lock in your spot. Contact me at charity@roguemaille.com or through social media for quotes and to place your order!