Updates (finally!)

We’re in the process of updating the website, so keep an eye out for changes and new items! I am hoping to add some of the items you can usually only find at shows and keep the shopping area updated with current stock. I will also be adding more tutorials and supplies as we go into spring.

Welcome Loyd Davis

Announcement time! We are excited to welcome Loyd Davis to the Rogue Maille team! Loyd is a chain maille artist from Indianapolis and has been making chain maille since 2013. His work is exceptional and his style adds another dimension to our always expanding unique collection.


Peninsula Jeweler

You can now find Rogue Maille jewelry at Peninsula Jeweler in their new location on 3rd Ave in Sturgeon Bay!


You will even be able to find me there Tuesdays and some Sundays working and learning some metalsmithing skills to be able to make even cooler things in the future.