Technology is Sneaky!

Sorry everyone! It appears something has caused website emails to be sent to my spam folder. I am adjusting settings, but I am unsure how far back the issue started so it may take a few days for me to sift through all the old spam to find messages. If you messaged me and have not heard back, please feel free to reach out to me again. Now that shows are finished, we are frantically working on orders to get them out in time for Christmas.

Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday Sale!

We’re a little late getting our Sale posted because technology has not been cooperating. Since the website is being difficult we will be posting on Facebook as multiple sale photo albums. Comment “Sold” on the item (or items) you want and message in with your email address to be invoiced. We do have multiples of several of the stocking stuffers, so in that category don’t be afraid to ask even if someone has already commented. Happy shopping!

We’re Back! With a surprise!

All the business stuff is moved and finally somewhat organized – some in stacks of boxes but that still counts, right? I’m working frantically to catch up on the last of the orders. I have a bunch going out this weekend (weather permitting) and will be emailing the last few people with updates today, so if you’re waiting for anything expect to see an email from me!

Spring Sale!

With all the craziness of moving and adding another big show we’re having a sale to help offset some of the unexpected expenses we’ve run into without having to cut back on display plans for the new booth. What that means is I’ve pulled out some of new ren faire items for you and put them on sale!

Sale will run on our Facebook page (Facebook/roguemaille) through Sat evening, so take a look and feel free to message me with any questions 🙂