About Me



My name is Charity and I am located in Green Bay, WI. I have always had a fascination with chain maille and since I started making chain maille jewelry I have found an outlet for that fascination. I love to explore new ideas and specialize in doing custom pieces. Any of my pieces are customizable by color and length, etc. Please feel free to contact me if there is something you see that you like but would like to know if it can be altered in some way.

A large part of my work is done with aluminum because of cost, but also I like the lightness of the pieces in aluminum. I like to bring in a lot of color with crystals and glass components. All of the crystals I use are Swarovski, and the glass I use is either Czech pressed glass rings or colored glass seed beads. I also use all niobium ear wires for my earrings, so if you are concerned about allergies you should have no problems with those.

I like to create a lot of my own designs, or use just basic chain maille weaves, but I do also use published patterns from websites and magazines. For anyone starting out in chain maille there are some great resources online and I encourage you to just start and see where it leads. I find the more time I spend creating, the more ideas I get and the more I love what I do.